Refillable Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

UKPACK is your trusted refillable cosmetic packaging supplier in China. Our range includes customizable airless bottles, lotion bottles, and cosmetic jars, and more. All types are available in various capacities, materials, colors, and surface finishes according to your preferences.

During the development phase, we used high-quality materials such as PP, PET, acrylic, PCR plastic, glass, and more.

Enhancing both elegance and functionality, our refillable skincare packaging also underscores our deep-rooted dedication to promoting sustainable cosmetic packaging. When you choose us, you’re not just embracing quality and innovation – you’re also taking a stand for a more eco-friendly world and assuming responsibility for our planet. In the meantime, it boosts your brand’s image.

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Refillable Airless Bottles

as reusable airless pump bottles 15ml 30ml 50ml - UKA48


OD: 35mm

Height: 94mm, 124mm, 161mm

pp refillable airless pump bottles 30ml 50ml 100ml - UKA67


OD: 37.8mm, 37.8mm, 43.8mm

Height: 112.8mm, 143.9mm, 174.6mm

replaceable PP twist up airless bottle 30ml 50ml - UKA73


OD: 35.3mm

Height: 143.1mm, 176.9mm

as refillable airless bottle 100ml - 1

SKU: UKA231072

Material: AS outer bottle, PP inner bottle

OD: 46mm

Height: 184mm

as refillable airless pump bottle 30ml - 1

SKU: UKA23108

Material: AS outer bottle, PP inner bottle

OD: 32mm

Height: 140mm

Refillable Lotion Bottles

petg refillable dual chamber lotion bottle - UKL0913

SKU: UKL0913

OD: 48mm, 48mm

Height: 90mm, 124mm

pp refillable lotion bottle 30ml 50ml 100ml - 1


OD: 40.8mm

Height: 110mm, 146mm, 178mm

Refillable Cosmetic Jars

acrylic refillable 50ml 100ml 240ml cosmetic jar - 2


OD: 59mm, 71mm, 96mm

Height: 59mm, 71mm, 96mm

acrylic refillable airless pump jar 15g 30g 50g - 1


OD: 53mm, 53mm, 61mm

Height: 59mm, 71mm, 73mm

acrylic refillable airless cosmetic jar - 1


OD: 53mm, 53mm, 61mm

Height: 59mm, 71mm, 73mm

acrylic refillable airless pump cream jar 15ml 30ml 50ml - 1


OD: 53mm, 53mm, 61mm

Height: 59mm, 71mm, 73mm

refillable pp cream jar 50g and 100g - UKC45


OD: 64.2mm, 76mm

Height: 49.9mm, 54.8mm

pp refillable cream jar 100g 150g 200g - UKC52


OD: 71mm, 79mm, 85mm

Height: 56mm, 64mm, 69mm

pp refillable cosmetic jar with spatula 50g 100g - UKC56


OD: 64.6mm, 79.6mm

Height: 53.3mm, 58.9mm

pp plastic refillable cosmetic cream jar 50g 100g 200g - UKC0913

SKU: UKC0913

OD: 62mm, 78mm, 85mm

Height: 45mm, 50mm, 76mm

Other Refillable Cosmetic Packaging Products

refillable roll on deodorant bottles 50g and 75g - UKDS08


OD: 40mm, 45mm

Height: 98.3mm, 109.5mm

refillable powder brush - 2


Material: PP, AS, LDPE, ABS, NY

Capacity: 5g

OD: 25.8mm

Height: 114mm

Why Choose UKPACK for Refillable Beauty Packaging

High-quality Materials

Our refillable beauty packaging is crafted with meticulous attention, using only the finest quality materials. This meticulous process ensures not only durability but also a sense of elegance that seamlessly aligns with your brand’s unique vision.

Our materials undergo rigorous testing to provide you with the assurance that your products remain not only safe and secure but also environmentally conscious.

Elevate your brand and its values with the conscious choice of our refillable cosmetic packaging – where beauty meets sustainability in the most seamless manner.

premium polypropylene material
advanced production line - 1

Advanced Production Lines

With cutting-edge production lines at our disposal, we possess the capability to manufacture an extensive array of beauty packaging projects. Below is a list of our advanced equipment.

  • Plastic injection molding machine: 50 sets

  • Plastic blow molding machine: 30 sets

  • Automatic install machine: 20 sets

  • Color spray production line: 3 lines
  • Automatic printing machines: 15 sets

Private Mold Manufacturing

What sets us apart is our provision of private mold manufacturing, tailoring solutions precisely to your specifications.

Our skilled engineers bring expertise to every design, ensuring your vision becomes a tangible reality.

Choose our services to transform your packaging into a strategic asset that resonates with your audience and drives lasting success.

private mold manufacturing - 1
silk screen printing machine - 1

Custom Surface Finishes

Our refillable skincare packaging products are a canvas waiting to be transformed, and we provide an array of exquisite surface finishes to make your creations truly exceptional.

UKPACK – One-stop Refillable Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

Experience the ultimate solution for all your refillable cosmetic packaging needs with UKPACK. Our comprehensive services cover innovative design, seamless prototyping, efficient bulk production, and captivating package box creation, providing convenience and expertise in a single destination. Trust our capable professionals to handle every step, saving you time and resources while exceeding your expectations for refillable beauty packaging.

Clients Testimonials

Refillable airless bottles that are skillfully crafted. They exude elegance and enhance the appeal of my product. Ideal for my skincare business. I will definitely buy them once more.

Susan, USA

If you have a project that requires refillable cosmetic packaging, just like me, I recommend selecting UKPACK! My experience with the team was fantastic. They provide a comprehensive solution for all my requirements.

Alison, USA

The FAQs of Refillable Cosmetic Packaging

Yes, refillable packaging is generally considered sustainable. It helps reduce single-use plastic waste and lowers the overall environmental impact of products.

Our manufacturing process for custom items begins at a minimum quantity of 10,000 pieces.

Yes. We have refillable airless bottles for your upcoming projects.
It depends on your quantity. Normally, it will take about 30 days.
Sure, we can provide free samples. But the shipping cost is not included.

Yes, we can also offer turnkey cosmetic solutions to support your business. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Yes, we can arrange shipping to your provided address.

Choosing refillable cosmetic packaging is an environmentally responsible and cost-effective choice. It reduces plastic waste, contributing to a greener planet, and allows you to reuse your favorite containers, minimizing your carbon footprint. Additionally, it can lead to long-term savings by eliminating the need for constant repurchasing and promoting sustainable beauty practices.

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