Mono-Material Cosmetic Packaging

UKPACK provides mono-material cosmetic packaging solutions for global beauty brands. We utilize mono-material PP plastics, optionally with post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins, to achieve product sustainability across the entire lifecycle.

PP plastics, as an alternative to traditional multi-layer composites, enable efficient recyclability of packaging materials. Our airless bottles, lotion pumps, cosmetic jars, and deodorant containers series are all produced in this material, crafting green and trendy appearances for contemporary cosmetics.

We look forward to kicking off recycling-oriented partnerships in mono-material cosmetic packaging with you. Contact us now!

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Mono-Material Airless Bottles

mono-material pp airless pump bottles - 111

SKU: UKA19 – Mono

Capacity: 50ml, 75ml, 100ml, 120ml, 150ml, 200ml

Dosage Output: 1ml

mono-material pp airless bottle - 111

SKU: UKA19 – Mono – 30ML

Capacity: 30ml

Dosage Output: 1ml

mono-material pp airless pump bottles 15ml 30ml 50ml - 111

SKU: UKA06 – Mono

Capacity: 15ml, 30ml, 50ml

Dosage Output: 0.23ml

mono-material pp airless bottles 15ml 30ml 50ml - 111

SKU: UKA66 – Mono

Capacity: 15ml, 30ml, 50ml

Dosage Output: 0.23ml

Mono-Material Lotion Pumps

mono-material pp 24 410 lotion pump - 111

SKU: UKAP03 – 24/410

Dosage Output: 1.5cc

mono-material pp 28 410 lotion pump - 111

SKU: UKAP03 – 28/410

Dosage Output: 1.5cc

Mono-Material Cosmetic Jars

mono-material pp cosmetic jar 150g 200g - 123


OD: 79mm, 86mm

Height: 65mm, 70mm

mono-material pp cosmetic jar 50ml 100ml - 111

SKU: UKC2023002

OD: 62mm, 75mm

Height: 54mm, 64mm

mono-material pp cosmetic jar 100g 240g - 111


OD: 72mm, 89mm

Height: 57mm, 72mm

eco-friendly double wall wheat straw jars - 1

SKU: UKC – Wheat Straw Jars

Capacity: 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 300ml, 400ml, 500ml

Mono-Material Deodorant Containers

mono-material pp deodorant container - 111

SKU: UKD2023001

OD: 53mm, 53mm, 67mm

Height: 79mm, 109mm, 119mm

mono-material pp deodorant stick - 111

SKU: UKD2023002

OD: 37mm, 43mm, 47mm, 48mm

Height: 77mm, 90mm, 101mm, 112mm

Why Choose UKPACK for Mono-Material Cosmetic Packaging

High-quality PP Plastics

UKPACK uses premium PP plastics to craft our mono-material cosmetic packaging range. The raw materials for our PP include Mobil’s PP1304, AP03B and HMA025, sourced from the USA and Saudi Arabia. These industry-leading PP grades stand out for their purity, consistency and compliance with both FDA and EU safety regulations.

By leveraging these exceptional PP grades, UKPACK expertly provides amazing mono-material packaging solutions that balance elegant designs with sturdy functionality, elevating our brand partners’ sustainability profile.

premium polypropylene material
private mold development service - 1

Private Mold Development Service

At UKPACK, you can not only choose from versatile mono-material cosmetic packaging options, but also leverage our private mold development service to create truly unique products.

If you have a packaging design, we will actualize it faithfully on the molds. If still conceptualizing, feel free to discuss details with our designers for creative solutions tailored to your needs.

Throughout development, you can work closely with our team to refine the design and ensure 100% satisfaction. Our customization service helps obtain personalized mono-material packaging that conveys your distinct brand appeal.

Custom Surface Finishes

UKPACK is committed to providing customized and eco-friendly surface finishing solutions for mono-material cosmetic packaging, facilitating the green communication of brand stories.

These surface treatment options include silk screen printing, label application, embossing, debossing, and matte finishing. Although techniques like electroplating and gradient spraying are also available from us, we do not recommend them for use on mono-material products, as they go against sustainability goals.

Choosing us means opting for spreading responsible and sustainable appeals.

custom surface finishes - silk screen printing

Clients Testimonials

UKPACK helped me make a dream come true by fusing elegant appearances with eco-philosophies seamlessly. Now my skincare products not only boast delightful packaging but also convey the message of environmental friendliness to a wider audience.

Ann, USA

I had been looking for premium yet planet-responsible packaging solutions. UKPACK’s mono-material solutions lend precisely the high-end and futuristic feel for my products that consumers expect and deserve today.

Emily, USA

The FAQs of Mono-Material Cosmetic Packaging

Mono-material packaging consists of primarily one material type, facilitating recyclability.

It improves packaging recyclability and reduces environmental impact, meeting consumer eco-friendly expectations.

We offer PP plastics mono-material solutions. PCR recycled resins are also available.

No. With abundant design and process options, we actualize all creative visions.

Including skincare, makeup, hair care, fragrance and more.

Yes. We are fully capable of manufacturing your current packaging solutions.

Yes. Our experienced custom packaging team provides turnkey structural design to delivery services.

We offer comprehensive support, quality assurance, and shorten lead times & control costs through scaling and optimizations.

Yes. We support multiple surface treatment and labeling options to match marketing needs.

Yes. Our mono-material packaging facilitates recycling of the respective material streams.

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