Mono-Material PP 28 410 Matte Lotion Pump, Lock Up, 3.5cc

SKU: UKAP2023004

Material: PP plastic, PCR plastic is available

Color: Any customized color is available

Dosage Output: 3.5cc

Neck Finish: 28/410

Surface Finishes: Hot stamping, screen printing, color matching, etc

Feature: Mono-material design, lock-up design, matte collar, sustainable, eco-friendly, durable, and more

Application: Beauty, skincare, and personal care products

MOQ: 10,000 pcs

Sample: Free samples

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Product Description

Introducing our mono-material PP 28/410 Matte lotion pump – a true game-changer in the world of beauty and personal care packaging. Crafted from high-quality PP plastic, with the option of using PCR plastic for the environmentally conscious, this pump is more than just a dispenser; it’s a commitment to sustainability.

Immerse yourself in the allure of customized color options, allowing you to seamlessly integrate this pump into your brand aesthetic. The 3.5cc dosage output ensures precise dispensing of your cherished beauty, skincare, and personal care products with every pump, making it a user-friendly essential.

The 28/410 neck finish facilitates easy integration into your existing product lines, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade for your packaging needs. Choose from a range of surface finishes, including hot stamping, screen printing, and color matching, to elevate your brand presence.

But what truly sets this lotion pump apart is its innovative mono-material design, coupled with a secure lock-up mechanism. The matte collar adds a touch of sophistication while maintaining an eco-friendly stance. Durable and sustainable, this pump aligns with your brand’s commitment to a greener future.

Elevate your product’s appeal with a packaging solution that speaks volumes about your dedication to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Make a statement in the beauty and personal care industry with a lotion pump that not only dispenses products but also dispenses a sense of responsibility.

Upgrade now and redefine your brand’s packaging narrative with our mono-material PP 28/410 Matte lotion pump – a fusion of style, sustainability, and seamless functionality. Your journey towards a more eco-conscious future starts with a simple pump – make it count.

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