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As demand grows in the beauty and personal care industries for sustainable packaging, our innovative mono-material lotion pumps facilitate recycling by being fully recyclable. Following eco-design principles and circular economy ideals, these lotion pumps feature a locking/unlocking design without any metal components and are available with PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic).

Compatible with lotions and creams of a range of viscosities, our lotion pumps can be customized with many dosage options and are available in a variety of colors. The neck finish accommodates different closures and actuators to meet your brand’s needs.

Let UKPACK enhance your sustainability credentials with our recyclable mono-material lotion pumps tailored to your requirements.

Collections of Mono-Material Lotion Pumps

mono-material pp 24 410 lotion pump - 111

SKU: UKAP03 – 24/410

Dosage Output: 1.5cc

mono-material pp 28 410 lotion pump - 111

SKU: UKAP03 – 28/410

Dosage Output: 1.5cc

Why Choose UKPACK for Mono-Material Lotion Pumps

High-quality PP Plastics

UKPACK constructs our mono-material lotion pumps using high-quality polypropylene (PP) plastic polymers sourced from leading global suppliers. We rigorously evaluate every PP resin to guarantee stability, safety and outstanding performance.

Our strict standards and upstream supply chain oversight result in unmatched consistency and smooth functionality from our lotion pumps. By leveraging top-tier PP plastics developed for beauty and personal care industries, we deliver maximum quality within our sustainable packaging solutions.

premium polypropylene material
private mold development service - 1

Private Mold Development Service

UKPACK offers private mold development to create unique, eco-friendly lotion pumps that align perfectly with your brand image. Our packaging experts consider all aesthetic dimensions, while engineering precisely customized pumps for color, texture, shapes, dosing, nozzles, and decorative details.

Leveraging generations of technical knowledge, we skillfully craft molds that balance sustainability with high visual impact. UKPACK refines prototypes throughout the collaborative process, delivering your signature pump vision to life. Partner with us to develop one-of-a-kind, mono-material dispensers that capture the essence of your brand story.

Custom Surface Finishes

UKPACK offers sustainable surface treatments to make your brand values visually resound through our mono-material lotion pumps. Choose refined matte rendering or delicate embossing for an understated aesthetic. For bolder branding, explore customized debossing, screen printing or label applications designed to uphold recyclability.

By selecting UKPACK as your specialty finishing partner, you opt to spread meaningful ideals the eco-friendly way. Let your vision shine through pump finishing tailored just for you. Our reusable, responsible techniques help passionate brands extend green narratives at every touchpoint.

custom surface finishes - silk screen printing

Clients Testimonials

We’re thrilled with UKPACK’s innovative mono-material lotion pumps customized for our natural skincare line. The 100% recyclable PP pumps align perfectly with our brand’s eco-values while displaying our botanical formulations beautifully. Kudos to UKPACK for superior design and sustainability!

Naomi, USA

We switched all our lotion packaging to UKPACK’s mono-material pumps last year and have been blown away by the positive response. Their innovative eco-design allowed us to reinforce our brand’s clean living message while saving money and materials. No more separating components! Being able to customize the pumps’ colors and dosing to each product line’s needs was the icing on the cake. Huge thanks to the UKPACK team.

Savio, USA

The FAQs of Mono-Material Lotion Pumps

Our mono-material pumps are made of polypropylene in a single material design, with no metal parts except the screw cap and actuator, making the entire product 100% recyclable.

Yes, we offer post-consumer recycled polypropylene (PP) as one material choice for our mono-material pumps.

Contact our product experts and discuss your product characteristics, positioning and brand values in detail, so we can recommend the optimal pump size, material, actuator and surface finish for you.

Yes, our pumps provide accurate and consistent output, with multiple cap and actuator options to choose from to achieve the most precise delivery.

Absolutely. We provide full custom color matching and bespoke mold development services to create pumps aligned perfectly with your visual identity.

Our 100% recyclable mono-material pump design minimizes your packaging environmental footprint. We also offer pumps made from post-consumer recycled PP plastic.

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