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UKPACK is the best cosmetic jars manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of cosmetic jars with lids in various styles, sizes, colors, materials, and custom surface finishes.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury, vintage, modern, or unique cosmetic jar, we will satisfy all your needs.

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Your Reliable Plastic Cosmetic Jars Supplier in China

At UKPACK, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have a team of experts who work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and provide customized solutions to meet their needs. With a focus on quality, we only use premium plastic materials during the development process, including PP plastic, PET plastic, PETG plastic, acrylic, PCR plastic, and more.

By combining advanced equipment and production techniques, UKPACK can provide high-quality products at competitive prices. What’s more, we can offer shorter production time than others.

In addition, we have a rigorous quality control system in place to ensure that every jar produced meets the highest standards of quality.

Whether you’re a small business looking to start a new cosmetic line, or a large corporation looking for a reliable supplier, UKPACK is your trusted partner for all your empty cosmetic jar needs.

airless jars - 1

They feature an airtight pump mechanism that helps to preserve the freshness and potency of the product, while also preventing air and bacteria from entering the jar.

body butter jars - 1

They typically feature a wide opening for easy scooping and a tight-fitting lid to keep the product fresh. They are also available for storing body scrub.

face cream jars - 1

They come in a wide range of designs, used for storing cream-based cosmetic products such as facial moisturizers, lotions, and serums.

face cream jars - 1

You can find various face cream jars in different shapes, materials, colors, and sizes for your projects. We also provide custom surface treatment, including screen printing, labeling, hot stamping, and more.

eye cream jars - 1

They usually come in a size of 5-15ml, with a compact and lightweight design for easy and convenient use.

By Materials

acrylic cosmetic cream jars - 1

Acrylic Cosmetic Cream Jars

pet cosmetic jars - 1

PET Cosmetic Jars

petg cosmetic jars - 1

PETG Cosmetic Jars

pp cosmetic jars - 1

PP Cosmetic Jars

By Sizes

Size and capacity range available from 1 oz to 16 oz. You can find any size to meet your specifications.

1 oz cosmetic jars - 1

1 OZ Cosmetic Jars

2 oz cosmetic jars - 1

2 OZ Cosmetic Jars

3 oz cosmetic jars - 1

3 OZ Cosmetic Jars

4 oz cosmetic jars - 1

4 OZ Cosmetic Jars

6 oz cosmetic jars - 1

6 OZ Cosmetic Jars

10 oz cosmetic jars - 1

10 OZ Cosmetic Jars

12 oz cosmetic jars - 1

12 OZ Cosmetic Jars

16 oz cosmetic jars - 1

16 OZ Cosmetic Jars

By Features

frosted cosmetic jars - 1

Frosted Cosmetic Jars

biodegradable cosmetic jars - 1

Biodegradable Cosmetic Jars

travel cosmetic jars - 1

Travel Cosmetic Jars

clear cosmetic jars - 1

Clear Cosmetic Jars

cosmetic jar with spatula - 1

Cosmetic Jar With Spatula

cute cosmetic jars - 1

Cute Cosmetic Jars

double wall cosmetic jars - 1

Double Wall Cosmetic Jars

luxury cosmetic jars - 1

Luxury Cosmetic Jars

mini cosmetic jars - 1

Mini Cosmetic Jars

refillable cosmetic jars - 1

Refillable Cosmetic Jars

square cosmetic jars - 1

Square Cosmetic Jars

triangle cosmetic jars - 1

Triangle Cosmetic Jars

vintage cosmetic jars - 1

Vintage Cosmetic Jars

stackable cosmetic jars - 1

Stackable Cosmetic Jars

thick wall cosmetic jars - 1

Thick Wall Cosmetic Jars

By Colors

We provide a wide range of colored cosmetic jars, such as black, pink, white, purple, and more. We are able to custom any colors according to your requirements.

black cosmetic jars - 1

Black Cosmetic Jars

rose gold cosmetic jars - 1

Rose Gold Cosmetic Jars

blue cosmetic jars - 1

Blue Cosmetic Jars

purple cosmetic jars - 1

Purple Cosmetic Jars

white cosmetic jars - 1

White Cosmetic Jars

green cosmetic jars - 1

Green Cosmetic Jars

Why Choose UKPACK to Customize Cosmetic Jars

Cosmetic Jars Applications

Cosmetic jars are widely used for packaging and storing a variety of cosmetic products, including:

  • Skincare: cream, lotions, face masks, serums, etc.
  • Makeup: foundation, concealer, powder, eye shadow, etc.
  • Hair care: shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair oil, etc.
  • Personal care: body lotion, body wash, hand cream, etc.
  • Spa and wellness products: bath salts, massage oils, bubble baths, etc.
  • Nail care: cuticle oil, nail polish remover, etc.

Please feel free to tell us about your applications, we will offer the right products to meet your needs.

cosmetic cream
cosmetic jars - 2

Choose the Right Cosmetic Jars for Your Projects

When choosing cosmetic jars for your products, there are several factors to consider, including:

  • Purpose: Consider the type of product you will be packaging and the desired finish, such as a matte or glossy finish.
  • Material: Choose a material that is suitable for your product and meets industry standards, such as glass, plastic, or metal.
  • Capacity: Consider the volume of your product and choose a jar that will accommodate it.
  • Size and Shape: Choose a size and shape that is appropriate for your product and fits comfortably in the hand of your target customer.
  • Branding: Consider how the jar can be customized with your brand logo, color scheme, and design elements.
  • Functionality: Consider the functionality of the jar, such as airless deisng, a spatula to make application easier for your customers.
  • Safety: Ensure that the jar complies with industry safety standards, such as airtightness and light protection.

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Clients Testimonials

I recently ordered custom plastic cosmetic jars from UKPACK and was extremely impressed with the quality and customer service. The team was very helpful in guiding me through the design process and ensuring I received exactly what I was looking for. The jars arrived quickly and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend UKPACK to anyone looking for custom cosmetic jars.

Kevin, from USA

UKPACK exceeded our expectations in every way. From the initial design concept to the final product, the team was professional, responsive, and attentive to our needs. The custom plastic cosmetic jars we ordered were of the highest quality and helped elevate our brand. We couldn’t be happier with our experience working with UKPACK.

John, from UK

We have been using UKPACK for our custom plastic cosmetic jar needs for several years and have never been disappointed. The jars are always top-quality and delivered on time. The team is knowledgeable, and helpful, and always goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy with the final product. We highly recommend UKPACK.

Lisa, from USA

UKPACK provided us with the perfect custom cosmetic jars for our brand. The team was great to work with, and they helped us create a jar that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The jars arrived on time and in perfect condition, and our customers love them. We couldn’t be happier with our experience working with UKPACK.

Amelia, from USA

The Frequent FAQs of Cosmetic Jars

To learn more about our cosmetic jasrs manufacturing, please keep reading.

Yes, cosmetic jars can be customized with your brand logo and design elements such as color schemes and graphics.

Yes, cosmetic jars can be produced in a specific color or finish, such as matte or glossy, to match your brand identity.

This depends on the material used to make the jar. Some plastic and glass jars are recyclable, while others are not. It is also possible to find eco-friendly options

Our MOQ is 10000pcs. But some items are available for small MOQ. Please contact us to learn more.
It depends on the quantity you order. It takes about 30 days normally.
Yes, we offer free samples, but the shipping cost is not included.
Yes, we can make your own mold according to your design file.

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