Reliable Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

As a leader in cosmetic packaging, we fully recognize the profound environmental impact of this ever-changing industry. That’s why we believe sustainability must be an integral part of corporate social responsibility. At UKPACK, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is ingrained in our core values and drives everything we do. We invest in research and development of innovative sustainable cosmetic packaging to provide to global beauty brands, jointly working towards a greener future for our planet.


Reduce plastic waste with refillable beauty packaging.


Reuse plastic waste with PCR plastic packaging.


Promote sustainable practices with mono-material packaging.

Types of Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

A greener future starts with sustainable choices today. We offer customers a range of sustainable eco-friendly cosmetic packaging that are mono-material, refillable, and recyclable. These packages are made using post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin, bio-based resin, ocean plastic waste, sustainable/biodegradable additives, etc. Please explore our featured sustainable offerings below.