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Product Specifications

MaterialPETG, ABS, PP
MOQ10,000 pcs

Effortless One-Handed Operation

Introducing UKPACK’s innovative lip gloss tube designed for seamless functionality. With our unique quick-click technology, opening and closing the tube is effortless—all it takes is a simple thumb push upwards to open and a gentle press downwards to close. This user-friendly design enhances efficiency and convenience, perfect for integrating into your lip gloss line. Simplify your packaging process and elevate customer satisfaction with UKPACK’s advanced, easy-to-use lip gloss tubes.

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High-Quality Flocking Brush

This lip gloss tube is equipped with a high-quality flocking brush meticulously crafted by UKPACK. Designed to perfectly contour to the natural curves of your lips, it ensures each application is even and precise. Experience effortless beauty with every use, achieving a professional finish that enhances your brand’s appeal. Ideal for lip gloss manufacturers seeking to elevate their products with superior functionality and user satisfaction. Discover the difference with UKPACK’s innovative design and elevate your lip gloss line to new heights of quality and performance.

Surface Finish Options

We offer custom surface finish options to meet your needs. These surface treatments include:

Create a personalized look that aligns with your brand image. Elevate your product’s appeal with our diverse and high-quality finish options, ensuring your lip gloss tubes stand out in the market.

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Tailor Your Brand with Our Customizable Design Solutions

This quick-click lip gloss tube is just one of our innovative designs. We offer a variety of styles to match your brand. If you’re interested, please contact us to explore how we can tailor our designs to fit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main advantage is its innovative one-handed operation. Users can easily open the tube with a simple thumb push and close it with a press, providing unmatched convenience and efficiency.

Yes, this lip gloss tube can be customized with various surface finish options, including silk screen printing, electroplating, hot stamping, matte finish, gradient spray coating and more, to match your brand’s aesthetic.

The specialized filter ensures just the right amount of lip gloss is applied to the brush, minimizing waste and providing precise application every time.

The high-quality flocking brush is custom-designed to perfectly contour to the curves of the lips, ensuring even and precise application for a professional finish.

Yes, the tube is designed with durability in mind, ensuring it withstands regular use without compromising its functionality or appearance.

Absolutely. We offer customizable packaging options using various decoration techniques to create a personalized look that reflects your brand identity.

This lip gloss tube is ideal for packaging lip gloss products, offering a user-friendly design that enhances the application experience for end consumers. It is suitable for both professional makeup artists and everyday users.

We adhere to strict quality control measures throughout the production process to ensure each tube meets our high standards of quality and performance.