PP Refillable Cosmetic Jar With Spatula 50g 100g


Material: PP Plastic, PCR plastic available

Capacity: 50g, 100g

Color: Any Pantone color available

Size: OD: 64.6mm, 79.6mm; Height: 53.3mm, 58.9mm

Application: Skincare and beauty products, such as face cream, lotion, body scrub, and more

Surface Finish: Screen printing, hot stamping, spray gradient, water transfer, matte finish, etc

Feature: 100% plastic, refillable, high-quality, stylish, sustainable, eco-friendly, etc

MOQ: 10,000 pcs

Sample: Free samples available

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Product Description

Elevate your skincare and beauty brand to new heights with our PP refillable cosmetic jar, available in two sizes – 50g and 100g. Crafted from high-quality PP plastic, with the option for PCR plastic, these jars are the epitome of style and sustainability.


  • Refillable: Say goodbye to wasteful single-use containers. Our cosmetic jar is designed for eco-conscious individuals who love the planet as much as they love looking fabulous.
  • Stylish Design: The sleek and modern design not only enhances your vanity but also ensures your beauty products are housed in elegance. It’s more than a jar; it’s a fashion statement.
  • Customizable Color: Choose from a wide array of Pantone colors to match your personal style and brand. Make it uniquely yours.
  • Versatile Size: Whether it’s your favorite face cream, a luxurious lotion, or a rejuvenating body scrub, our jar comes in two sizes to accommodate all your skincare and beauty essentials.
  • Personalized Finish: Customize your jar’s appearance with screen printing, hot stamping, spray gradient, water transfer, matte finish, and more. Your jar, your way.


  • Imagine the convenience of having your cherished skincare products at your fingertips. Our PP Refillable Cosmetic Jar empowers you to:
  • Reduce Waste: Contribute to a greener planet by eliminating the need for disposable containers. Feel good about your eco-friendly choice.
  • Stay Organized: Streamline your beauty routine with easily accessible, perfectly-sized jars for your favorite creams and lotions.
  • Express Your Style: With customizable colors and finishes, your jar becomes a reflection of your unique taste and identity.
  • Enjoy Quality: Experience the premium quality of our plastic jars that ensure your products stay fresh and safe.

How It Will Make You Feel:

Picture yourself effortlessly maintaining your skincare regimen, feeling confident in your eco-conscious choices, and showcasing your beauty products in an elegant container that reflects your style. Our PP refillable cosmetic jar is more than just a jar; it’s a symbol of your commitment to beauty and sustainability.

Join the Beauty Revolution Today!

Upgrade your beauty game with our refillable cosmetic jar. Experience the perfect blend of style, quality, and sustainability. Embrace beauty, the eco-friendly way. If you need more options of refillable cosmetic packaging for your business, please feel free to contact us for more details.

How Does It Use for Beauty Product

Check how The Beauty Crop’s first refillable balm uses this jar.

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