PET 200g 300g 400g Cosmetic Jar with Aluminum Lid


Material: PET

Capacity: 200g, 300g, 400g

Color: Any Pantone color available

Size: OD: 91mm, 91mm, 91mm; Height: 50mm, 70mm, 87mm

Application: Perfect for body butter, body scrub, body lotion, cream, hair care products, and more

Surface Finish: Screen printing, hot stamping, spray gradient, matte finish, etc

MOQ: 10,000 pcs

Sample: Free samples available

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Product Description

Elevate your product presentation with our PET cosmetic jars featuring a sleek design and aluminum lids. Available in 200g, 300g, and 400g capacities, these cosmetic jars are more than just containers—they are a statement of sophistication.

Crafted from high-quality PET plastic, our jars strike the perfect balance between durability and elegance. The any-Pantone-color option ensures that your product not only stands out on the shelf but also aligns seamlessly with your brand aesthetic.

Designed with precision, these jars boast dimensions that enhance their utility: OD 91mm and varying heights of 50mm, 70mm, and 87mm. This thoughtful design caters to your diverse product range, accommodating body butter, body scrub, body lotion, cream, hair care products, and more.

Our PET cosmetic jars don multiple avatars, thanks to the array of surface finishes available—whether it’s the bold statement of screen printing, the luxurious touch of hot stamping, the trendy spray gradient, or the subtle elegance of a matte finish, the choice is yours.

Embrace the freedom to express your brand personality through packaging. With these jars for body butter, your products aren’t just stored; they’re showcased with flair. The impeccable finish and varied sizes make them an ideal choice for any beauty or personal care line.

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