PET Plastic Vitamin Bottle Packaging


Material: PET plastic, and PCR plastic is available

Color: Amber, or custom colors

Capacity: 100cc (3.4 oz.), 150cc (5.1 oz.), 175cc (5.7 oz.), 200cc (6.8 oz.)

OD: 42mm, 54mm, 58mm, 61mm

Height: 87mm, 100mm, 104mm, 107mm

Logo & Print: Custom logo and printing available

Surface Finish Methods: Silk screen printing, label sticker, and more

Application: Vitamins, capsules, tablets, gummy supplements, nutraceuticals, and more health products

Feature: Wide mouth opening, high quality, etc

MOQ: 10,000 pcs

Sample: Free sample

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Product Description

In today’s competitive market, establishing a distinctive brand identity is paramount to success. Our PET plastic Vitamin bottle packaging offers you the canvas to showcase your brand uniquely. With customizable options for color, capacity, and surface finish methods, you have the power to imprint your brand’s personality onto every product.

When it comes to health products like vitamins, capsules, and supplements, maintaining product integrity is non-negotiable. Our Vitamin bottle packaging ensures the preservation of your products’ freshness and potency. Crafted from premium PET plastic, these bottles provide a reliable barrier against moisture, oxygen, and other external factors, safeguarding your products’ efficacy from production to consumption.

Your health product’s packaging is more than just a vessel; it’s an extension of your brand’s promise and a part of your customers’ experience. Our PET plastic Vitamin bottle goes beyond functionality, offering a wide-mouth opening for easy access and a sleek design that speaks volumes about your commitment to quality. Elevate your customers’ journey with packaging that not only protects but also delights.

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