Luxury Skincare Blue Bottle Set 40ml 100ml 120ml 170ml


Material: High-quality PET plastic

Color: Customized

Capacity: 40ml, 100ml, 120ml, 170ml

OD: 39mm, 44mm, 46.5mm, 46.5mm

Height: 114.7mm, 140.6mm, 153mm, 189.2mm

Surface Finishes: Hot stamping, screen printing, etc

Feature: Elegant, luxury, recyclable, sustainable, eco-friendly, durable

Application: Essence water, hydrating serum, and other low-viscosity skincare products

MOQ: 10000pcs

Sample: Free samples are available, shipping cost is not included

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Product Description

Our skincare blue bottle comes in four different capacities: 40ml, 100ml, 120ml, and 170ml, providing you with ample options for your low-viscosity skincare products such as essence water and hydrating serum.

These bottles are made from high-quality PET plastic, which is not only recyclable but also sustainable and eco-friendly. You can rest assured that you are not only taking care of your skin but also taking care of the environment.

The elegant design of our blue cosmetic essence bottles will not only add a luxurious touch to your skincare routine but also protect your products from harmful UV rays. Our bottles are durable, ensuring that your skincare products stay fresh and effective for longer periods.

We offer customized color options to match your style and aesthetic preferences. In addition, our bottles are compatible with different surface finishes such as hot stamping and screen printing, which will give your products a professional and sophisticated look.

Our luxury cosmetic bottle set is perfect for those who demand the best for their skin and the environment. Don’t settle for less, choose our Luxury Skincare Blue Bottle Set and experience the difference.

Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of having the best skincare packaging solution on the market.

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