Sauce Dispenser Pump 30ml With 1700ml PE Bottle

SKU: UKR30 - 30ml With 1700ml PE Bottle

Material: Food-grade PP plastic, PE bottle

Color: White, black, gold, or any custom color

Bottle Volume: 1700ml

Dosage Output: 30ml

Surface Finish: Silk screen printing, hot stamping, and more

Application: Ketchup, BBQ sauce, chocolate sauce, cheese sauce, coffee creamer, mayonnaise, mustard, caramel, chilli sauce, hot sauce, salad dressing, and more condiments

MOQ: 10,000 pcs

Sample: Free sample, but shipping cost is not included

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Product Description

Upgrade your culinary experience with our innovative sauce dispenser pump, featuring a generous 1700ml PE bottle and a precise 30ml dosage output. Crafted from food-grade PP plastic, this dispenser is a kitchen essential that combines functionality with style.

Immerse yourself in a world of possibilities as you choose from an array of colors, including classic white, sleek black, luxurious gold, or customize it to suit your unique taste. The aesthetically pleasing design seamlessly integrates into any kitchen decor, elevating your cooking space.

The sauce dispenser pump isn’t just a kitchen tool; it’s a game-changer for your favorite condiments. Whether you’re drizzling ketchup on burgers, adding a swirl of BBQ sauce to grilled meats, or infusing your morning coffee with a splash of creamer, this dispenser ensures precise and mess-free servings every time.

Made for convenience, the dispenser’s 1700ml bottle minimizes the need for constant refills, letting you focus on the joy of cooking. The 30ml dosage output ensures you have just the right amount of your favorite sauce, avoiding any wastage and keeping your culinary creations perfectly balanced.

Choose your preferred surface finish with options like silk screen printing or hot stamping, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen tools. The versatility of this dispenser extends beyond just sauces; it’s perfect for dispensing a variety of condiments, from chocolate and cheese sauces to mayonnaise, mustard, caramel, chili sauce, and salad dressings.

Elevate your cooking experience and make every dish a masterpiece with the sauce dispenser pump. Send your inquiry now!

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