Personal Lubricant Pump Bottle 50ml


Material: HDPE, PP

Color: Frosted see-through design

Capacity: 50ml

OD: 37.4mm

Height: 136mm

Surface Finishes: Shrink wrap

Application: Used to store the personal lubricant

Feature: Durable, lightweight, eco-friendly, etc

MOQ: 50000pcs

Sample: We offer free samples

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Descriptions of Personal Lubricant Pump Bottle 50ml – UKL23

Made of high-quality HDPE and PP plastic with a 50ml capacity. This versatile bottle is perfect for storing and dispensing personal lubricant. Its pump design allows for easy and controlled dispensing, making it an ideal choice for individuals or couples. The bottle’s compact size makes it convenient for travel or discreet storage, and its sturdy construction ensures it will hold up to repeated use. Whether you’re looking for a reliable storage solution or a convenient way to apply your favorite lubricant, this pump bottle is a must-have.

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