200ML PET Plastic Hair Spray White Bottle


Material: PET

Color: White, black, or custom color

Capacity: 200ml

OD: 58mm; Height: 188mm

Surface Finish Methods: Screen printing, hot stamping, electroplating, label sticker, and more

Application: Leave-in conditioners, heat protectant sprays, texturizing sprays, detangling sprays, shine sprays, setting sprays, scalp treatments, and more

Feature: Fine mist sprayer, ergonomic design, leak-proof, durable material, refillable, stylish design, etc

MOQ: 10,000 pcs

Sample: Free sample

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Product Description

Hair care product brands, rejoice! Our hair spray white bottle is here to revolutionize your product line. Meticulously designed with your brand’s success in mind, this bottle epitomizes excellence in both form and function, catering to the exacting standards of your clientele.

Precision-crafted, our bottle boasts a fine mist sprayer that ensures precise application of your hair care concoctions. Its ergonomically crafted design not only facilitates effortless usage but also elevates the overall user experience, distinguishing your brand in a competitive market landscape.

Bid farewell to worries about leaks and spills—our bottle features a foolproof, leak-proof design, offering unparalleled peace of mind to both you and your customers. Fashioned from robust PET material, it guarantees exceptional longevity, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and thus, reducing operational costs.

Personalize your bottle to mirror your brand identity with our array of surface finish methods, including screen printing, hot stamping, electroplating, label sticker, and more. Select from classic white, sleek black, or custom hues to harmonize with your brand’s unique aesthetic.

Versatile and practical, our bottle serves as the quintessential packaging solution for an extensive array of hair care products, ranging from nourishing leave-in conditioners to invigorating scalp treatments. Treat your customers to the epitome of luxury with our premium packaging option.

Distinguish your brand on retail shelves and leave an indelible impression with our hair spray white bottle. Elevate your brand image and captivate discerning consumers who demand nothing less than the epitome of quality and sophistication. Send your inquiry now and upgrade your hair care packaging today.

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