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The cosmetics industry utilizes a wide array of materials in its packaging, including metals and plastics, along with glass, among the oldest packaging materials. The industrial revolution also expanded to metals and plastics for creating cosmetic containers like bottles and jars. There has been a massive push in the past years for cosmetics brands to clean up their formulations.

However, what if your preferred non-toxic, eco-friendly shampoo, shaving foam, toothpaste, or moisturizer comes in a plastic bottle? Of course, a glass would be much better, right? But not so fast, darling. The question over the most eco-friendly cosmetics packaging is a slippery one, and something sustainably-minded brands have been grappling with in earnest.

What UKPACK Do For Eco Friendly Cosmetic Packaging Products

Sustainability has become crucial to the beauty industry since eco friendly cosmetic packaging design can benefit the plant, satisfy consumers, and boost a cosmetic brand’s bottom line.

UKPACK is your one-stop supplier for all your biodegradable cosmetic packaging needs from eco friendly material. We offer the most sustainable plastic packaging—recyclable, naturally, and biodegradable packaging to make sure you can be proud of how you ship your cosmetics bottles and jars.

Our goal is to continue to find environmentally friendly and green cosmetic packaging solutions. More than ever, there’s a growing focus on sustainability and recycling in all its facets. The green footprint is what stands out for all our new products.

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Material

With easy access to the latest information in the beauty industry, more consumers have demanded better transparency and value in cosmetics packaging. 2021 promises to be a great year for cosmetics packaging, thanks in part to the new design trends showing up. Brands have shifted their focus from functionality to the sustainable value of their packaging design.

Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) is a recycle plastic cosmetic packaging that most brands use to support consumer demand, recycling programs and lower their impact on landfills. PCR cosmetic packaging is the recycled materials from existing plastics and PET bottles.

The Rise of Eco-Friendly Material

Lower Toxicity

How does zero-waste packaging lowers toxicity, you ask? First, we are not creating new plastic with dangerous impacts on everything around us. What’s more, we are minimizing the amount of water material distributed to our planet.

Now new plastic means no new waste. Ultimately, we are keeping a mass of toxic plastic waste out of the oceans and landfills and repurposing it for our daily needs.

New Plastic Is Equivalent To New Waste

PCR packaging is a plastic made from non-renewable sources, like toxic fossil fuels. These are dangerous to our environment and our health. PCR is less wasteful too than new plastic. It lowers the waste made and gathered and supports the zero-waste revolution.

Get Rids Of Environmental Burden

PCR diverts, recycles, and repurposes current toxic plastic rather than creating new plastic that ends up in a waste facility or the ocean. Thus, it lowers the toxic burden people are forcing into the environment and the ecosystems.

What You Gonna Do

Are you ready to make a move towards a sustainable cosmetic packaging? UKPACK is here to help you make the most impactful switch, making sure your cosmetics bottles and jars stay sustainable and eco-friendly in their entirety.

Whatever your needs, call us at 0086-0575-82937072 or email us at [email protected] and we will come to you with a practical solution! Follow us on Youtube for more news.

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