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America loves its pumpkin spice lattes. But as any coffee addict knows, those fancy drinks don’t come cheap. The good news? With the right coffee flavor syrups, you can make cafe-worthy flavors at home for a fraction of the price. But with so many flavored syrup brands on the market, how do you pick one that actually tastes great in your morning mug?

We did the tough work for you. We sampled and ranked 12 best coffee syrup brands based on the flavors that came through when added to plain old drip coffee. From cheap gallons sold by the barrel to artisanal syrups crafted in small batches, we tried them all. In this guide, we’ll walk you through what to expect from the best flavored syrups for coffee you can buy today.

For each brand, we’ll discuss the hits and misses when it comes to taste, ingredients, variety of flavors offered, and how easy it is to get your hands on a bottle. Read on to discover which coffee syrup came out on top to create delicious lattes, creamy mochas, and other coffeehouse-worthy drinks without leaving your kitchen. Spoiler: The winner might surprise you!

12. Narvon

narvon coffee flavor syrup - 1

Narvon coffee syrups cater to quantity over quality. The brand sells affordable gallon-sized containers, making it a budget-friendly option for cafes and restaurants that brew large volumes of coffee. However, home baristas should expect some compromise on taste. The simplicity of flavor options – just Classic, Light Vanilla, and Dark Vanilla – lacks nuance compared to specialty syrups. Additionally, the thin, saccharine sweetness overpowers rather than enhances the natural notes of quality coffee.

While convenient for some commercial uses, Narvon’s lineup won’t be found in most grocery stores. Home cooks needing a full gallon of coffee syrup may be better off exploring easy homemade recipes using basic ingredients like sugar and vanilla. For those prioritizing flavor sophistication or variety from their coffee add-ins, Narvon likely won’t satisfy when up against smaller-batch artisanal brands.

11. Upouria

UPOURIA coffee flavor syrup - 1

Thinner texture and mild flavor relegate Upouria syrups to a lower ranking. Compared to competitors, these syrups blend into coffee with notably watery consistency instead of velvety viscosity. Their flavors also read as less concentrated once diluted in a cup. Expect to use more syrup compared to brands packing bolder punches of sweetness. On the bright side, Upouria does use real sugar in their lineup of conventional flavors.

Where Upouria shows innovation is their Functional syrup series. Options like Energy, Immune Support, and Alert offer caffeine boosts plus supplements targeting health and wellness. Those brewing a pot to fuel an all-night study session or needing an extra morning kick might appreciate these enhancers. However, for those simply wanting to make their daily cup pop with flavor, Upouria’s classic fruity and spice mixes fail to impress among so many rich, vibrant competitors.

10. Starbucks

Starbucks flavor syrups for coffee - 1

Starbucks builds an empire on flavor-packed seasonal beverages. The chain’s arsenal of coffee shop creations from peppermint mochas to Unicorn-themed Frappuccinos set industry trends. However, only a few iconic syrups appear for sale outside their cafes. In-store pumps offer busy baristas rich, natural caramel, vanilla, hazelnut, and sugar-free vanilla. But start browsing store shelves, and the narrowed selection disappoints dedicated home brewers. Those allotting precious pantry space hope to recreate more unique Starbucks drink recipes using the same brand flavors. With major variety sacrificed despite a premium price tag, is the siren logo enough to justify the purchase over similar natural syrups? Perhaps only die-hard fans fail to feel frustration. On the plus side, bottled creamers and seasonal store releases like pumpkin spice capture more of Starbucks’ coveted flavor magic for at-home enjoyment.

9. Sweetbird

Sweetbird flavor syrups for coffee - 1

Those craving quirky flavors should Sweetbird. This British brand flies high with inventive combinations spanning fruity Banana to zesty Cucumber Mint Iced Tea. Offering both classic coffee syrups and unique tea infusions sets them apart in a busy retail space. While some adventurous concoctions hit the spot, other odd fruit pairings seem less than cozy with hot coffee. Yet with over 50 flavors lining shelves across the pond, American fans must pay premium shipping for a taste. Still, Sweetbird provides memorable flavor at a fair price point for those seeking imported variety. Overall for stateside buyers, modest cost savings and convenience factors keep Sweetbird a few spots from the peak despite their flock of fanatic flavor lovers. For the budget-conscious or caffeine-curious, a small bottle or two won’t break budgets should US fans take the brand out for a test flight.

8. Jordan’s Skinny Syrups

Skinny Syrups - 1

Diet-conscious coffee drinkers, meet Jordan’s Skinny Syrups. This brand specialized in zero-calorie, sugar-free coffee add-ins appeals to the weight and health-focused crowd. Ditching sugar for artificial sweeteners keeps the calorie count low, but some discerning palates detect an unpleasant aftertaste in return. Yet Jordan’s lures fans in with an imaginative array of flavors rarely seen among sugar-free offerings. While mainstream brands stick to drab diet standbys of French Vanilla or Hazelnut, Jordan’s dazzles with glazed donuts, mint chocolate chip, and other frosted fantasy flavors. So those willing to tolerate a slight synthetic sweetness aftertaste can indulge freely in Jordan’s Skinny spins on sugary favorites. It satisfies sweet cravings without the guilt, even if it falls a bit short on outright flavor. But for the calorie-conscious coffee lover, Jordan’s expansive lineup makes for a happy, diet-friendly compromise.

7. 1883

1883 coffee flavor syrups - 1

When it comes to ingredients, 1883 takes quality seriously. The French brand draws mineral-rich water from the Alpine springs to craft their syrups. They tout its purity, but whether that actually impacts flavor remains debatable. Of greater influence is 1883’s commitment to sourcing top-grade organic ingredients across their product lines. Syrup seekers can choose from 99 flavor options including sugar-free and reduced-sugar varieties to suit any diet. One note of caution: first-time users may need to adjust recipes at first due to 1883’s highly concentrated syrup textures. A little goes a long way to infuse drinks with intense flavor. Over-pouring initially can easily overpower other ingredients. Once you lock in the ideal ratio, 1883 reliably delivers balanced sweetness and aromatic tasting notes. Just go slowly until discovering that custom sweet spot.

6. Sonoma Syrup Co.

Sonoma Syrup Co syrups - 1

For those who consider their daily coffee a well-deserved treat, meet Sonoma Syrup Co. This artisanal brand focuses on flavoring that cup of joe with pure ingredients and simple luxuries. Don’t expect adventurous flavors—Sonoma keeps it classic with superior takes on vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and more. Their syrups let beans’ natural flavor notes shine instead of overpowering them. The trade-off? Tracking down bottles proves harder and pricier than mass-made generics. But devoted foodies agree: when you want to elevate an ordinary cup into something extraordinary, Sonoma’s small-batch approach equals big satisfaction. No need for complexity when the clear, clean sweetness makes basic flavors simply sublime. Skip the flavored creamers full of stabilizers and embrace Sonoma’s organic ingredients taking coffee back to its aromatic, sensory essence.

5. Amoretti

Amoretti coffee flavor syrup - 1

Amoretti channels Italian café culture into every syrup. The name means “little loves” in Italian, and coffee addicts soon fall for flavors like amaretto and hazelnut. Velvety sweet textures evoke sipping a creamy, nostalgic European drink without airline fees. Even odd flavor combos like raspberry amaretto dazzle more than overwhelm. Beyond tempting coffee drinkers, Amoretti’s versatility suits cocktails and desserts too. Small-scale gifting options welcome newcomers to try the brand’s 1989-cultivated legacy. While not every offering shines, their menu hits more than it misses. Sugar-free and classic lines ensure most java moods feel satisfied. So if you want to feel (and taste) like a worldly European coffee house patron from the snugness of home, Amoretti makes it deliciously possible one sip at a time.

4. DaVinci Gourmet

DaVinci Gourmet flavor syrup - 1

DaVinci Gourmet strikes a reliable balance between flavor, variety, and accessibility. Their syrups enhance everything from fruit smoothies to cocktails with just enough sweetness without overpowering the palate. The brand offers enough unique spins like currant and ginger alongside classic staples to keep home bartenders engaged. While not as ubiquitous as mass-market companies, DaVinci’s typical availability in liquor stores and specialty markets makes experimentation convenient. For those wanting bolder flavors, the True-to-Fruit series spotlights pure fruit purées. Yet no matter the infusion, DaVinci’s flavors blend harmoniously into any beverage base. Beyond taste, the company earns ethics points for sustainability initiatives and educating mixologists and baristas on ideal flavor pairings through their Flavorist Academy. So whether you’re a novice home brewer or seasoned mixmaster, DaVinci brings responsible quality to the table.

3. Torani

torani coffee flavor syrups - 1

With Torani syrups, baristas buy into both quality and convenience. The brand’s widespread availability, versatile flavors, and menu variety explain its popularity on back counters at cafes everywhere. Torani offers enough flavor options to engage any palate despite ingredient lists leaning more processed than artisan. Their “Puremade” sauces counter expectations, capturing richer dessert essence in every pump. Thicker textures also distinguish sauces from standard Torani offerings. So whether you want to jazz up an Americano with French vanilla or recreate a slice of pumpkin pie, Torani delivers on simplicity, affordability, and customization potential. You’ll have to balance some synthetic hints for the convenience perk and cost savings versus pricier natural competitors. But Torani constantly innovates flavors for blending specialty coffeehouse staples at home. For chain cafes and amateur home bodies alike, Torani’s accessibility allows anyone to start crafting.

2. Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli coffee flavor syrups - 1

When it comes to chocolate, few brands achieve the legendary status of Ghirardelli. So the iconic company branching into coffee syrups sets high expectations. While flavor options disappoint those desiring variety, Ghirardelli keeps it simple with just six sauces. But what seems like limitations deliver decadence in simplicity: think velvety chocolate mochas and sea salt caramel lattes. Then use leftover sweet sauces stirring into milkshakes or drizzled over ice cream. Really, the only downside is running out too quickly with eager family and friends dipping spoons straight into jars. Pricier than generic brands, Ghirardelli quality comes at a cost…but also unmatched flavor. Unlike watery or cloying chocolate syrups, Ghirardelli offers just enough richness to complement, not conceal, great coffee. So for die-hard chocolate lovers not requiring loads of choice, Ghirardelli sauces make the shortlist of heavenly coffee companions.

1. Monin

monin coffee flavor syrups - 1

When judging coffee flavorings, Monin syrups set the gold standard. Balanced flavors sweeten without overpowering the subtle notes of quality beans. The versatility extends from enhancing at-home cups to perfecting cocktails on professional mixology menus. Even health-conscious buyers find options meeting clean label standards and diets. While Monin skips hyper-adventurous infusions, the brand creatively reimagines basics like caramel and vanilla into distinctive flavor experiences. The range of natural and sugar-free means most java desires feel satisfied. Finding Monin in high-end cafes signals its mixable quality from frozen blendeds to steaming cups. Yet respectable cost savings compared to gourmet competitors keep home usage budget-friendly. For these reasons and taste that reveals true attention to craft, Monin earns its frequent position as the crowning coffee syrup choice whether you want to keep it simple or get creative.


That wraps up our tour of 12 top artisanal coffee flavor syrup brands! From luscious chocolates to lean calorie counts, at least one bottle beckons your brew.

Caffeine cravers seeking sweetness minus empty calories can skinny-sip guilt-free with Jordan’s lineup. Flavor purists adore Sonoma Syrup’s uncluttered organic creations. And for an Italian escape with every cup, Amoretti’s aromas transport all cocooned at home in PJs.

No matter your morning style – bold Americanos, frothy cappuccinos, nutty lattes or all the sparkly bells and whistles iced – your signature drink awaits the syrup soulmate. Mix up your usual flavor rut by pouring a new option into rotation to rediscover coffee passion long buried by daily grind doldrums.

Equip Your Syrup Arsenal with Pumps from the Experts

You found your perfect coffee flavor companion from our list, but making it flow requires the right gear. Enter UKPACK: renowned designers and producers of barista supplies for over 10 years. When it comes to syrup dispenser pumps, we offer an array of styles compatibility with Monin, Torani, DaVinci and all your flavored favorites.

Our innovative pump designs give you total control over sweetness. Adjustable rails allow custom calibration from 1/2 ounce to full shots to get that ideal drip. Sturdy metal builds hold up to high-traffic cafes, while silicone gaskets keep sticky messes inside the pump not on your countertop or floors. From backflow-preventative commercial lineup to basic home models, we design pumps pairing perfectly with any syrup bottle you choose.

Bring your favorite flavor alive by equipping your home coffee bar with quality dispensers built to last. Browse our inventory of syrup pumps fitting top global brands. Then elevate both functionality and presentation worthy of the most aromatic small-batch syrups.

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