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The world of package goods and cosmetics is vast and constantly evolving, with a wide range of job opportunities available for those with a passion for the industry. From marketing to product development, there are many roles that can offer both creative fulfillment and financial stability.

In this blog post, we will explore the 20 best paying jobs in package goods/cosmetics, detailing their responsibilities, required skills, and potential salary ranges. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, this guide can help you discover the career path that best aligns with your interests and goals.

So, let’s dive in and explore the exciting possibilities of this dynamic industry.

Cosmetic Chemist

Average base salary: $83,740 per year

These chemists are tasked with developing and creating new cosmetic products, as well as improving existing ones. And let’s not forget about their crucial role in monitoring and testing these products. With their extensive knowledge of chemistry and top-notch communication skills, cosmetic chemists are true powerhouses in their field. Working alongside other chemists, they bring a unique perspective and expertise to the table.


Average base salary: $82,198 per year

As a perfumer, possessing an exceptional olfactory sense and extensive chemical knowledge is a prerequisite as you are tasked with concocting scents and enhancing existing formulas. Alongside this, being imaginative and possessing excellent interpersonal skills is equally essential since you will be collaborating with other perfumers.

Soap Maker

Average base salary: $46,142 per year

The soap maker is accountable for manufacturing soap, including its scent, color, concept, and packaging. They require an exceptional understanding of chemistry and proficiency in operating various tools and equipment. Furthermore, being creative is vital in crafting soap fragrances and appearances, and effective communication skills are necessary, particularly for direct sellers.

Cosmetics Executive

Average base salary: $59,255 per year

The main duties of a cosmetics manager include overseeing and coordinating the operations of a cosmetics company. They are responsible for creating business plans, managing finances, and supervising the team.

Furthermore, a cosmetics manager should possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, since they will have to interact with clients and present ideas to stakeholders.

Beauty Director

Average base salary: $67,342 per year

The beauty director’s main responsibility is to oversee the visual aspects of a cosmetics company. They must be skilled in developing and executing sales strategies, and also have strong leadership abilities to manage their team.

Excellent communication skills, as well as being highly organized and responsible, are also vital for this role.

Skincare Specialist

Average base salary: $51,165 per year

The role of a skin care specialist involves providing guidance and performing various treatments for clients. This requires a comprehensive understanding of cosmetics and skin care products, as well as staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.

In addition to technical skills, a friendly and approachable personality is important to connect with clients and encourage repeat business.

Makeup Artist

Average base salary: $71,386 per year

A makeup artist is a proficient individual in the realm of makeup application. They must possess extensive knowledge of cosmetics, be adept in using diverse tools and products, and keep up with the latest trends and best practices.

Effective communication skills play a crucial role in this job, as makeup artists interact with clients on a daily basis.

Hair Stylist

Average base salary: $56,972 per year

Hair stylists are in charge of haircuts, color, and styling. They must have a deep understanding of different hair textures, the best care for them, be knowledgeable about the latest trends and how to handle tools.

Good communication skills are crucial for this position to comprehend client needs and offer guidance. Furthermore, it’s preferable to have a diploma or certification in this area.


Average base salary: $292,165 per year

A dermatologist is a medical specialist who deals with diagnosing and treating skin, hair and nail diseases. They need to have a thorough knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, and a good understanding of different medications and their potential side effects.

To be successful in this role, dermatologists should also possess excellent communication skills to explain the diagnosis and treatment options to their patients. They must also be proficient in working with different instruments and machines.

Director of Global Innovation

Average base salary: $161,298 per year

The role of the Director of Global Innovation is to ensure that the company remains competitive by developing and implementing effective strategies. This includes the creation and implementation of new technologies, processes, and products.

This position requires strong analytical and communication skills, as well as the ability to work collaboratively with a team of employees. The Director should be able to clearly communicate tasks and objectives to team members.

Packaging Engineer/Director

Average base salary: $141,667 per year

The packaging engineer has the responsibility of creating and developing packaging materials and processes. Their tasks include prototyping, testing products, and ensuring production control.

This position requires strong engineering skills and extensive knowledge of various materials. Additionally, the ability to work collaboratively in a team is essential.


Average base salary: $105,207 per year

The merchandiser is accountable for conceptualizing, implementing, and evaluating the company’s merchandising tactics. They must possess the skills to design products, packaging, and displays.

Effective communication skills, analytical abilities, and problem-solving skills are essential for this role. Additionally, familiarity with the company’s software and systems is a plus.

Brand Developer

Average base salary: $88,993 per year

To assume the position of brand developer, one must possess exceptional creativity and strategic thinking skills, and be knowledgeable about the company’s internal systems. The main responsibility of the brand developer is to create and execute marketing plans, as well as to conduct research and develop new products that will increase brand loyalty.

Development Executive

Average base salary: $68,740 per year

The fundraising executive is responsible for planning and executing fundraising campaigns. Their job involves building relationships, seeking donations, and managing campaigns.

Effective communication, organizational and problem-solving skills are crucial for this role. Additionally, they must have a thorough understanding of the company’s mission and values.

Digital Marketer

Average base salary: $62,417 per year

To be a digital marketer, one must develop and implement online marketing strategies to increase brand loyalty. It requires creativity, strategic thinking, and knowledge of the company’s internal systems. Additionally, digital marketers must be knowledgeable about social media algorithms, adept at analyzing market trends, and possess excellent communication and problem-solving skills.


Average base salary: $54,525 per year

To hire qualified candidates, the recruiter has the responsibility of searching, choosing, and recruiting them. This involves creating job postings, interviewing potential candidates, and verifying their backgrounds.

Becoming a recruiter requires good communication skills, the ability to organize and solve problems quickly, as well as negotiation skills.

Packaging Operator

Average base salary: $51,354 per year

This role involves ensuring the correct packaging of products by using various packaging machines and following instructions accurately.

Attention to detail and good manual dexterity are essential for this position. Furthermore, being able to work collaboratively with colleagues is important.


Average base salary: $70,520 per year

This individual has a significant responsibility to construct, maintain and oversee products, and must be proficient in working with various tools and equipment.

Manual dexterity, meticulousness, and teamwork skills are crucial for this role.

Packaging Technical Specialist

Average base salary: $58,486 per year

This specialist is primarily responsible for developing appealing, competitive, and secure packaging. To become one, you must possess good creativity, be able to devise strategies, and be familiar with the company’s internal systems. Furthermore, having a deep understanding of the packaging development process is essential.

Material Handler

Average base salary: $35,539 per year

The responsibility of this individual is to handle the movement, control, and storage of materials within the factory.

To qualify for this job, you must have excellent manual dexterity and be capable of lifting heavy objects. Additionally, it is crucial to possess interpersonal skills and work effectively within a team.

Is Package Goods/Cosmetics A Good Career Path In 2023?

Is package goods/cosmetics a good career path in 2023? Yes.

The packaged goods industry on a global scale is valued at billions of dollars and is expected to continue thriving with new ideas and trends emerging in the upcoming years.

Likewise, the cosmetics industry is a rapidly growing field that frequently introduces new products and trends, making it an appealing and financially rewarding career choice for individuals interested in its evolution.

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