HDPE Plastic Small Hair Wax Container 70ML


Material: HDPE plastic, and PCR plastic is available

Color: White, or custom color

Capacity: 70ml

OD: 61mm; Height: 43mm

Surface Finish Methods: Screen printing, hot stamping, label sticker, electroplating, and more

Application: Hair mask, hair clay, hair pomade, hair cream, hair wax, hair polish, hair glaze, hair soufflé, hair pudding, etc

Feature: Eco-friendly, sustainable, durable, recyclable, wide-mouth opening, BPA-free, etc

MOQ: 10,000 pcs

Sample: Free sample

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Product Description

Elevate your hair care brand with our HDPE plastic small hair wax container. Designed for industry professionals, this 70ml container offers a seamless blend of functionality and elegance, perfect for showcasing your premium hair care products.

Crafted from eco-friendly, durable HDPE plastic, with the option for PCR plastic, this container aligns with your brand’s commitment to sustainability. Available in classic white or customizable to your brand’s color palette, it enhances your product’s visual appeal and brand identity.

The wide-mouth opening allows easy access to hair masks, clays, pomades, creams, waxes, polishes, glazes, soufflés, and puddings, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your customers. Its compact dimensions (61mm OD, 43mm height) make it an ideal choice for both retail shelves and professional salon environments.

Choose from a range of surface finish methods, including screen printing, hot stamping, label stickers, and electroplating, to create a distinctive look that stands out on the shelf. Highlight your brand’s message with eco-conscious packaging that is BPA-free and fully recyclable, reflecting your dedication to health and the environment.

Our HDPE container not only promises durability and a sleek appearance but also enhances the overall customer experience by offering a stylish and practical packaging solution. By choosing our containers, you signal a commitment to quality and sustainability that your clients will appreciate.

Upgrade your product line with our hair care packaging that speaks volumes about your brand’s values. Contact us today to discover how our small hair wax container can transform your hair care products and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

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