38/400 Hot Sauce Pump 15ml 30ml

SKU: UKR30 - 15ml 30ml 38/400 Square Head

Material: Food-grade PP plastic

Color: White, black, gold, or any custom color

Neck Finish: 38/400

Dosage Output: 15ml, 30ml

Head Style: Square

Surface Finish: Silk screen printing, hot stamping, and more

Application: Ketchup, BBQ sauce, chocolate sauce, cheese sauce, coffee creamer, mayonnaise, mustard, caramel, chili sauce, hot sauce, salad dressing, and more

MOQ: 10,000 pcs

Sample: Free sample, but shipping cost is not included

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Product Description

Tired of fumbling with cumbersome bottles and making a mess when adding hot sauce? Our innovative hot sauce pump streamlines flavoring your favorite foods. The easy-to-use pump allows you to precisely dispense your favorite condiments with one hand.

The smooth pump action provides exact portion control. Simply give a quick push to measure out 15ml or 30ml of sauce at a time. No more guessing or spilled bottles ruining your meal. The pump makes it effortless to get just the right amount of kick and flavor for wings, tacos, eggs, pizza, burgers, fries, sandwiches, salads, and more.

Crafted from food-grade plastic, our hot sauce pump ensures safety while looking sleek in any kitchen. Its durable construction withstands daily use without leaking or cracking. Choose white, black, or gold pumps with custom silk screening and stamps for a customized look.

The convenient tabletop size takes up minimal space while adding restaurant style to home dining. The pump’s high 400 neck finish accommodates most hot sauce brands while preventing clogs or drips after use.

Give your wings, sandwiches, salads and other favorites a flavor boost with our sauce pump. Ditch messy bottles and enjoy precise flavor control to take your culinary creations to the next level.

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