Wholesale Empty Deodorant Roller Bottles 5g


Material: PP plastic

Color: White, green, purple, blue, pink, or custom colors according to your requirement

Capacity: 5g

OD: 25.27mm

Height: 62.95mm

Surface Finishes: Hot stamping, screen printing, etc

Feature: Recyclable, sustainable, eco-friendly, durable

Application: Lipstick, solid perfume, etc

MOQ: 10000pcs

Sample: Free samples are available, shipping cost is not included

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Product Description

Our wholesale empty deodorant roller bottles are designed for beauty enthusiasts and cosmetic companies looking for a reliable and efficient way to package their solid perfume and lipstick products.

  • Size: These roller bottles have a 5g capacity, making them ideal for travel-sized products and samples.
  • Materials: Made from high-quality PP plastic, these bottles are lightweight, durable, and long-lasting. The plastic is non-toxic, BPA-free, and odorless, ensuring the safety of your customers and the quality of your products.
  • Features: These roller bottles feature a user-friendly design that allows for easy and mess-free application. The rollerball design smoothly dispenses the product onto the skin, reducing waste and preventing spills. The bottles come with a cap that securely snaps on to prevent leaks and spills during travel.
  • Applications: These empty deodorant roller bottles are ideal for packaging solid perfume and lipstick. They are perfect for personal use, travel, and for small to medium-sized cosmetic businesses.
  • More: The customizable design allows you to add your own brand logo or label, giving your product a unique and personalized touch. These roller bottles are easy to clean and reuse, making them an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic packaging. They are also affordable and cost-effective, making them an excellent investment for any cosmetic business looking to expand their product line.

If you have any needs of deodorant containers for your projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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