Acrylic and PP Dual Chamber Cosmetic Jar 15ml/15ml

SKU: UKA231012-5

Material: Acrylic outer jar, PP inner jar, ABS cap, PE disc

Capacity: 15ml and 15ml

Color: Any Pantone color available

Size: OD: 61mm; Height: 45mm

Application: Perfect for skincare and beauty products, such as eye creams, face creams, lotions, serums, etc

Surface Finish: Screen printing, hot stamping, spray gradient, electroplating, matte finish, etc

Feature: High-quality, dual chamber, eco-friendly, multi-purpose, and more

MOQ: 10,000 pcs

Sample: Free samples available

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Product Description

Introducing our acrylic and PP dual chamber cosmetic jar, a must-have addition to your beauty product business. This exquisite container is the epitome of luxury and functionality, designed to enhance your skincare and beauty routines. With a keen focus on benefits and a commitment to keeping it concise.

Crafted with precision, this dual-chamber cosmetic jar boasts a combination of acrylic outer jar and PP inner jar, ensuring the preservation of your beauty products’ potency. The ABS cap and PE disc complement this design, guaranteeing a secure and convenient user experience.

Each chamber offers a generous capacity of 15ml, allowing you to conveniently carry and apply two different products in one stylish container. Say goodbye to cluttered cosmetic bags and hello to the perfect organizational solution.

Choose from a wide array of colors, with any Pantone shade you desire. Make a statement with your packaging, reflecting the essence of your brand and product within.

Measuring at an outer diameter of 61mm and a height of 45mm, our dual chamber cosmetic jar is compact and travel-friendly. It effortlessly fits into your bag, making it the ideal companion for on-the-go skincare applications.

This innovative jar isn’t just aesthetically pleasing; it’s also versatile. It’s perfect for various skincare and beauty products such as eye creams, face creams, lotions, serums, and more. The dual-chamber design means you can carry two of your favorite products without any compromise.

Enhance your brand’s image with customizable surface finishes. Choose from screen printing, hot stamping, spray gradient, electroplating, matte finish, and more to make your product stand out on the shelves.

Invest in our high-quality, eco-friendly, and multi-purpose dual chamber cosmetic jar. It’s a testament to your commitment to quality and your customers’ convenience.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your beauty product business. Check out more about our dual chamber cosmetic packaging today.

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