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UKPACK at Cosmopack Asia 2023 – Innovating Sustainable Cosmetic Packaging

244 words|Published On: November 25, 2023|

UKPACK recently exhibited at Cosmopack Asia 2023 in Hong Kong, a premier trade fair organized by Cosmoprof Asia Ltd. As a leading provider of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for beauty brands, it was an exciting opportunity to connect with partners and showcase our latest offerings.

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Over the three days from November 14-16, we had engaging conversations with numerous beauty brands looking to make their packaging and supply chains more sustainable. There is a clear industry movement towards reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions through strategies like PCR packaging, refillable cosmetic packaging, and mono material packaging.

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Our mono-material packaging ranges, refillable systems for skin care and color cosmetics, and PCR resin offerings attracted immense interest. Brands appreciated our efforts to increase recycled content, enable reuse through refills, and improve recyclability with innovative materials. We also highlighted our commitment to responsible sourcing and production through various certifications.

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As beauty brands globally work towards ambitious sustainability goals, UKPACK is prepared more than ever to offer the solutions they need. We have an innovation roadmap to continually improve the environmental footprint of our packaging while retaining its appeal and functionality.

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The success of this exhibition motivates us further to keep sustainability at the core of how we approach beauty packaging. We look forward to enabling more conscious consumption in the industry going forward!

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Please feel free to contact our team to learn more about our sustainable cosmetic packaging offerings for your brand. Together, we can create positive impact.

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